Real Fiction 5

Four Brothers It wasn’t the war that brought them to their knees, nor the famine, nor the typhus. When they came home from the battlefield, no one recognized them. Callous, sporting beards and moustaches, they were silent, having witnessed hell. Time had turned their hair white and shortened their lifespan. One day, Vasile went back […]

Real Fiction 4

The Monster Under the Bed The clock struck midnight. The fateful hour. If you truly exist, give me a sign, Mimi said, bored and convinced that nothing was going to happen. An ominous rumble coming from under the bed had pierced the air – it sounded a bit vague at first but then it became […]

Real Fiction 3

I Did Something Illegal How dare you, a reporter, ask me about my PhD thesis? You think I gave myself the title? That’s how you feed the audience false information. Let me remind you that my thesis was assessed by a prestigious committee. Oh, you can’t find the thesis. Irrelevant. Was I supposed to guard […]

Real Fiction 2

The 8th Wonder of the World I was damned to ask Catrina today if she knows what the eighth wonder of the world is, just to mess her up. Turns out I found my match. I don’t know, she says, I just came from church. Well, the eighth wonder of the world is technology. It’s […]

Real Fiction

Flowers, Girls and Boys Outside, it snows with a reminder of childhood, and over me are snowing memories. Alla Pugacheva sings silently to me Million Roses, and my thoughts escape to my former elementary school classmates with whom I often played Flowers, girls or boys. How many children have heard of this game now? I don’t know […]